Welcome to CN Ranch
& Performance Horses!

A little background info on Cody and myself. We both have been around horses since childhood at our uncle and grandparents farms. We decided to take the leap to get into barrel racing back in 2010. This was something new to us both, but something we were both interested in doing. Cody really got into running first, I was more interested in the breeding end of things. Cody took clinics to make himself a better rider while I studied and studied bloodlines, studs, good crosses/bad crosses, etc. I started to run in 2014.

We have a great working relationship as Cody runs harder then I do. I tend to rather be taking care of the breeding side of the ranch. We started out with three really well-bred mares and our plan was to cross them on a cow bred stud that we had purchased from a friend. In 2015, we had the opportunity to purchase Make It A Bud Light aka Bud, an older race bred stud, who had a Future Fortunes spot, but wasn't given a fair chance at a young age to prove his offspring. We have since purchased Simply Famous aka Baxter. Baxter has proven himself in the Futurity pen and is now going to go on with Cody to bigger things, hopefully.

We feel that with these two great studs and the amazing mare power that our foals are going to do spectacular things in the pen or on the track!

Thank you for considering us at CN Ranch & Performance Horses!